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Bandlik H - Healthcare Talent Exchange

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Bandlik H

Bandlik H is a unique platform for providing employment services for the recruiters and prospective job seeker exclusively in the Healthcare Industry.

Our name ‘Bandlik H’ denotes Employment in Uzbek language. Founded by renowned health professionals, it is the leading talent exchange and exclusive healthcare employment service providing the best skilled human resources to the healthcare facilities as well as serving as a fastest job seeking platform for health care personnel.

We seek to ensure placement of highly professional and skilled manpower at right places in right time within and across the country. We at Bandlik H not only work towards bridging the gap between employer and the employees rather we thrive to create a complete real time ecosystem where managing hiring processes, data, repositories of available human resources for the health care businesses will become as easy as a pie. We are and plan to continue being India’s No 1 Healthcare Job Network


“Most visited App for Healthcare Search"

We envision to make a real difference within the healthcare Industry across the country by being a one-stop solution for managing effective employment processes and informational.

We plan to walk hand in hand with the medical Institution and be the most searched Application and online platform for job seekers and recruiters in health sector.


As one of the most innovative launched Apps, “Bandlik H Healthcare Talent Exchange” aims to sustain its vibrant economy by reducing the number of unemployed medicos and Increasing committed medical professionals & personnel, thereby refining quality healthcare services globally.

We Aim at:
Becoming the fastest, easiest and most effective recruitment platform and job network in the health care sector.
Connecting Dots by ensuring; ‘Right Healthcare workers at Right Healthcare Institutions’.
Not only limited to hospitals and healthcare centres but covering the entire ecosystem of Healthcare including the medical institutions, research units, Pharmaceuticals, Path Labs, Healthcare IT etc.
Facilitating development of a cadre of highly skilled, efficient and committed medical personnel for all medical institutions
As a process, empowering the country financially and in terms of Approachability in health care.
Thanks all ton to Bandlik H.com I am placed as Group CEO at Amandeep Group of Hospitals as a Group CEO through Bandlik H.com.

Dr. Paritosh Joshi

Group CEO
Amandeep Group of Hospitals
Bandlik H is an ever-changing workplace, striving to innovate by bringing employers and candidates together. We are dedicated to improving our clients’ lives as well as our own employees.
Dr. Ravish Jha